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Restaurant Review and Other Things

Yesterday was awesome!  We didn’t go to dinner, we went to Breakfast at a restaurant called, ‘The Cracked Egg!”  Could hardly believe how busy it was on a Monday.  There are so many “Best in Town”, “Rated #1” restaurants, it’s hard to tell what is legit.  Anyway, the food is great and the pancakes are huge!

I used quite a bit of Gluten-Ease yesterday since we discovered the mouth sores were from my meds, and ate a few favorite foods again, like Krispy-Kreme, and Top Ramen, and a bit of D.’s Coffee Cake.

I got two baby (at least they look like babies) African Dwarf Frogs and a new tank.  We are having a discussion about the new tank, but I still have it, since Petco never e-mailed the receipt, and we are going to put it somewhere.  We named the new frogs Romeo and Juliet.

I think we bought out Walmart again yesterday, and it was crowded.  While waiting for D. to return from the restroom, it was fun to watch people.  You can tell a lot about people by what they put in their carts.  If it’s toys; they probably have children or some in the family, if it is big, bags of cat food, they most likely have a cat or feed strays, if it’s only a few food items, they may live alone.

As well as frogs and a new aquarium, D. gave me a  Jeff Dunham DVD and we watched it last night.  It’s the Christmas Special.

Not sure about dinner tonight, as my ear is ringing.  Please pray I am not getting sick.  I just signed up to work with the children at church more often.





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