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Still Sick

So, I am rescheduling my Mammogram appointment due to being sick.  I just can’t imagine trying to hold my breathe when I have this stupid, cold.  To describe a Mammogram, I tell my husband to take his balls and squeeze them in a vise.  Seriously, they need to invent another way to do those things.  They are totally painful and annoying.

In other news, I helped the last person I could on and what was cool was, her story came full-circle back to my hometown.  She spent 7 years in the town I grew up in, and knows some of the same people we do.  It was ironic, but, in helping this lady, I have made a new friend.  And, to think this all started just by having an extra puzzle to donate to someone.  I guess there is a reason God didn’t want me to give it to Toy’s For Tots or one of those charitable organizations.

I am debating on getting dressed or just staying warm in my P.J’s again.  I need to walk to the mailbox but, that’s the only place I need to go, and it is right down the street.  That is one thing I miss about this house, I used to love having my own mailbox.  But here, the mailboxes are like apartment mailboxes (all together) and you take your little key to check the mail.

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