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Big Purchase and Misc.

First of all, I am confused.  Someone wants to see my old, private, WordPress site which I locked for me.  I don’t even know how they got there.  I really don’t want to go back to sharing that part of my life.  To sum it up, that part of my life started when my mother died, and ended with my Divorce.

I am going to call the doctor today and get Z-Pak.  My doctor said if I needed it to just call and she will fill it without me going in; since I get this sinus stuff or whatever, so often.  She said Z-Pak is not addictive and won’t hurt you unless you use it every day.    There is a lot going on tomorrow which I would really like to take part in.  Our church is having a Craft Fair, plus, one of the church members is having an open house sort of thing where he collects stuff for the homeless, and gives raffle prizes to those who bring something.

After doings bills last night, I got to thinking.  My husband’s Birthday is on Monday plus, Christmas is coming.  He found a great deal on an 84 gallon fish tank with cabinet.  I would love to see that in our Living Room.  Needless to say, I told him I will get it for him.  (No negative comments, C.  We are not Hoarders!)  D. loves fish and has gotten me into them too.  I even did the first water change ever, by myself, for my Betta yesterday.

We also got some more ADF’s (African Dwarf Frog)  yesterday since D. wants to put some in every tank.  I guess this way we see which one they really like to thrive.  D. also added some Clams.  I don’t know about those;  I read about them and let’s just say, I hope they don’t die and mess up the water.  I haven’t read about African Dwarf’s and Clams.  I can’t find anything on it.  I hope they get along.

I am going  to be very annoyed if my frogs, Romeo and Juliet (in the tank I keep by my bed) die, because of his stupid clams.

We have another small tank that isn’t set up yet, and after it gets set up, I may make it just an ADF tank.

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