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Sister Drama..Part 3?

My sister, Self, apparently had it our with my other sister, M.  M. sent her a gift for being Cancer Free and Self sent it back saying M. needed the money more then she did.  It wasn’t money, it was a Starbucks’s Card.  So, that makes no sense.

Anyway,  Self has been treating M. like crap, recently and won’t apologise since  she thinks what she did was right.

Needless to say, Self has cut off her entire immediate family, I believe.  At least her two sisters. Don’t know if she is talking to our Brother.

I talked to my cousin, whom self keeps in touch with and just asked, as a favor, if they will tell us if something drastic happens to Self.  We do care if she dies of Cancer, and would like to be updated, should something drastic happen.

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