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Story of Us

Good Morning All,

Today is my husbands’ Birthday.  He is 42.  We are 9 years apart.

He wants me to go with him today while he and a friend make a video of him painting.  It is really windy and cold.  The weather said the high would be 28F  degrees.  I am getting over my sinus thing and I just don’t know.  But, it is his Birthday and I suppose I could bundle up.  He does a lot for me when he doesn’t want to.

My husband is wonderful.  He puts up with my headaches and sicknesses, wants to spend a lot of time with me, etc.  It is amazing that we are together.

In case I never told you, here is how we met:

I moved to Las Vegas and started going to a new church.  I even joined the Single’s Group there.  Well, after purchasing a house 30-45 minutes away,  I started debating on continuing the same church or finding another closer to my house.  I do not drive on freeway’s or at night.  I was in my new house and had just saved my cat, Tara, from the shelter.  I had also decided to give up men.  I thought I was completely done after my divorce.  (God had other plans.) Anyway, I received a call from one of the girls in the Single’s Group about a Christmas Party they were having that same night and she offered to pick me up.  I threw a Cabbage Patch Kid and another doll in a box and wrapped it real quick, as a gag gift.  The party was nice and there were only two men there.  My husband got my gift (he planned that) and we all had a good laugh.  Later, our Single’s Group had Game Night and that is when I really started to get interested.  He was friendly, good at games, etc.  His personality seemed really fun.  I started asking my girlfriends in the Singles Group about him.  Then, I asked God what I was doing?  I thought I was done with men.  He and I started texting, then calling each other.. and you know the rest.

I would love to hear stories of how you met your significant other, if you are married or hitched. Whatever.

Have a great day.


6 thoughts on “Story of Us”

  1. Happy birthday husband! I met mine through some friends when we were 15. His bestfriend was my bestfriends brother. Went to the same elementary school but didnt know eachother. And the rest is history..or just not very exciting 😊


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