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Presents Mailed & Sad News

Presents are mailed and being received.  It was fun because we mailed most from the Self-Service Machine.  There was a long line and I had lots of packages so we would mail 5, then let a few people in the line go while I went back to the end of the line, then 5 more, etc. until they were all mailed.  It took 3 times, that way.  In this way, people didn’t get all annoyed at us for taking up the machine.  I did the weighing and computer aspect of printing out the postage, and D. did the actual stamping and labeling of the packages.

We had to go back the next day to mail the  last two, since they were to big to fit in the machine.  Luckily, the line for the clerk was not to long.  Our Clerk was great.  He looked like Santa Clause so we teased him and he played along.  He actually greeted us with “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

In sad news, my husbands’ Nephew, Gavyn Bayne has died.  He had Hydrocephalis where his brain was growing out of his skull.  He lived to be 8 weeks, despite the fact that the doctors expected him to die upon leaving the womb.  What was really sad is, that even as he progressed and grew, the doctors had basically given up on him and treated him like a Hospice patient.   His parents really tried and were up 24 hours with him, sleeping in shifts.  We never got to meet Gavyn personally, but he had an affect on all of us.

I was expected to “be a vegetable” when I was born and I beat that diagnosis, so I could really relate to Gavyn.  I prayed and hoped that he would make it.  But, I guess God had other plans.