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Excited About Giving

5 days til Christmas, How cool is that?  I am looking forward to going to church today and passing out presents.  One being my gigantic Teddy Bear to a girl who really wants it.  You may recall that I didn’t want to give that to her, (he is my biggest bear) but I swear I heard God’s voice while in the store telling me to  stop being selfish and give her the bear.  After all, I do have another bear, and she wants something to love and sleep with.  I can’t wait to see her reaction!

I keep getting checks back from my accounts, which is super cool.  It turns out I overpay on some of my accounts, so the money comes back to me.  Totally cool because I can use that money for other things.

Had an ornament exchange with my Ladies Fellowship Group yesterday.  We did the stealing game.  I don’t think that should be done for ornaments, but whatever.   I received an Angel ornament which is really heavy that says something about Love and Grace being  with you always.  It is dated too, so that is nice.

Working with the younger children again today at church and will try to actually teach them about Mary.  We will see how that goes.  They are under two and don’t have big attention spans.


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