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Facebook Cut

Today I want to talk about Facebook.  Some people take Facebook Posts way to seriously.  I found something on Status Shuffle that said, “Dear Santa, Thank you for giving me a  wonderful husband.” or something close.  One of the ladies from church said, “Santa did not give you your husband, God did!” then it went from there.  She seriously believes that I hold Santa higher then God.

A.  It was on Status Shuffle, so I didn’t make it up.

B.  That is completely ridiculous and meant to be a joke.  I do believe about 20 or so people, liked it including my husband.

I don’t know if Pastor preached about what we post on Facebook, but seriously?  Needless to say, I made a Friends cut and cut a few people out.  It really isn’t the quantity of Facebook Friends you have, but more the quality anyway.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Cut”

  1. I didnt think you seriously meant it but I dont like to even jokingly give glory to anything other than God so thats why I commented. No worries I get you! After 36 years I should. LOL. And WHY do I have this fang faced avatar for my word press responses!? Its some other silly face but then I put in my email and fang face pops up! REALLY? LOLOLOLOLLOL


    1. I thought I replied to this one, but it isn’t about you. You made one comment, which was fine. The other person continued on and made it an issue. I don’t know why Fang Face shows up. I didn’t choose him. It’s funny though.


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