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The Stealing Game and Other Things

3 days til Christmas and my husband and I are still buying presents for each other.  How fun is that?  He said he feels bad because a lot of things won’t be here by Christmas, but that’s fine.  Once again, it isn’t about getting.  Although, I admit that is fun.

My dog is getting old and I believe he has Doggy Alzheimers.  He barks at nothing and everything.  He wanders around like he doesn’t know where is.  He goes potty whenever he has to, not worrying about where he is.  Yeah, it is sad to watch.  But, my little Dorgi is 15 years old.  I won’t even go into what that is in human years.

I guess the girl from Facebook is still continuing about the post I made, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t see her posts anymore since I Unfriended her.  It’s funny, I kind of want to read them due to the ridiculousness of the situation, but then again, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’ve been to 2 gift exchanges so far and we played that stealing game at both.  It was a bit sad because both times, I got the gift I really wanted, stolen from me.  I hope it’s not a precursor of things to come. Lol






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