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2016- New Year. ..New Goals

Happy New Year and welcome 2016. 
     I hope your night was better then mine.   My husband had to work and left around 11:00.  My mother – in – law posted a picture of herself at a hotel,  after going on and on about how bad things would be on the Strip and refusing to take me there, I almost went to visit a friend who lives 3 doors down but figured it stupid to go over there just to watch the ball drop.  She is nice but about as old as my oldest sister, plus,  I had sort of invited myself.   So, I read and wrote a bit.

     This year I plan to focus more on my writing,  since it is my craft and to follow up and schedule doctor visits.   I am also going to work on not being so negative since I almost always think the worst scenarios first. I also plan to work more on this house.  I was not raised as a slob and don’t understand how things got so bad.  I really need to filter out some paperwork and try to get a filing system of some kind.

     These are my goals.  I don’t believe in Resolutions
What Are Yours,  If You Made Any?

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