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Our Great Health Care System

I am a Writer, which means I need to write.  I am starting by  practicing here and will work on my stories later.  I’ve had no coffee due to a blood test in a few, so I am making a lot of mistakes.  Thank Goodness for spell check.

I went to a doctor yesterday who I thought and was  supposed a Kidney Specialist, as, my Primary Care said she was writing a referral for.  After telling him all my  kidney information, he tells us he is NOT a Nephrologist.  He is a Primary Care and I need to go back.  This  is the Health Care System for you.  They are more confused the patients.

Today, I am get blood and seeing a Radiologist. I don’t remember why  Guess I will find out when I get there.  I am having a cup coffee between the two appointments since there was no instructions a head of time.  If that’s a problem, I will simply retake that, too.

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