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Warning, It’s A Long One

Yesterday we visited a store titled, ‘Exotic Pets’.  It was pretty cool.  They sold Spiders, Snakes, Lizards and Turtles.  But, when you walk to the back, you can see their bigger animals.  They had two Wallaby’s, an Opossum, Prairie Dogs, and a Hedgehog.

Anyway, I fell in love with a Prairie Dog.  Those things are so cool.  My husband even said he would get me one, as well as the cage, etc.  I went home and read up on them though, and it would not work!  Maybe, if the older cats were gone.  Prairie Dogs need lots of care (1-3) hours a day, plus, they like to burrow; and they also get really upset alone and will sometimes chew your furniture.  I also read that Prairie Dogs will get along with a cat, however, you need to supervise and it depends on the cats’ personality.

Thinking seriously, I’ve decided it is not good to get a Prairie Dog at this time.  We have 5 cats and an older dog + fish, crabs, etc. .  Every day I deal with fighting and peeing, I would not have time to spend with the Prairie Dog and it would not be fair to the animal.

Please don’t judge us for how many animals we have.  Everyone is happy and healthy.  I keep their shots updated, etc.   We are NOT Animal Hoarders.  I say this because some people think we have to many.

My appointment turned out to be a Mammogram, yesterday.  I had a suspicion of that.  Needless to say, that is now done for another two years.


I’m going to end this by talking about my husband.  Once again, please don’t judge us.  My husband received his Driver’s License, last May.  Since then he has had 3 Speeding Tickets.  One in Texas, one in Arizona and one here.  He and his friend are going to go to the court soon and try to plea so he can pay the highest ticket and they can knock down or clear out the other two.  I am concerned for a few reasons.

  1.  If he finagles a way to cheat the system to help him out, how is he learning anything?
  2. If the tickets don’t get cleared. he may have community service or his license taken away.  That would lead to his losing his job unless he finds a way to get there.  I do not drive at night.  I could get him there by 3 or 4 and pick him up around 9a.m. but his work hours are Midnight til 8a.m.
  3. My insurance is going to go way high even if it isn’t my fault and I have a perfect driving record.
  4. I am a bit nervous of the conversation we will have, if they don’t write off the tickets..  I love my husband and told him he needs to get a used car so he can get tickets in that.

Seriously, there is no reason to speed.  My car can go fast, but she doesn’t have to, plus, I would rather be a few minutes late and get to my destination safely.  Sometimes, he goes a bit haywire in the car and he needs to Slow Down.  I pray he can do something about these tickets; but, more importantly I pray he has learned his lessons.  I can’t make him listen.  I pray the law can.





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