A Realistic Dreamer

Good  Morning,

I should be asleep  since I only slept about  3 hours last night, but I  also drank  Sodaa so I am wide awake.   I am  planning on a nap later if I need it.
My husband and I went  to Emergency for an infection in his nose near his eye ,  We got there around  6:30 and did not get home until  midnight.  They did tons of tests on and wound up sending him home  with  a doctors note to be off work for 3 days  (nights)and some strong prescriptions  as well  as, a referral to a Specialist.   The hospital was literally packed with  people in beds by the wall, waiting for a room

On another note,  Have you ever heard of someone  who is a Dreamer but, also  logical in their thought process.  For example :  I dated a man who was in a Band and also had a side job,  This man and his Band  had the opportunity to go interview in another state, I beleve,  with the possibility of making a Disk and making it Big.  Now this man (I will call him Fred)  lived with some roommates and sold computer  ribbon.  (No, it was not that  in real life) and  when he told me about  this wonderful opportunity ; he also told me he was going to quit his job  and move out of  his apartment  in order to  start over and become  famous!  Now, I also  have many dreams which I will discuss in a minute.    However,  upon his  plan,  I  asked him why he was quitting everything;  since there was a chance  his band would not get accepted  and he would have nothing to come back to.   Of course  I was accused of being negative.   I  don’t know if they  did become  famous,   but,I haven’t heard any of their  music or old songs.

So, here lies the issue;  My husband  will say something  like , ‘ I have these prescriptions  to take  which are supposed to be really good” . and I  will  respond with ‘Good luck, they never worked  for me’.    A true life example   (because the other one wasn’t ) is;  I would love to have a  farm and raise every animal, I can.   I fell in love with  a  Prairie Dog, that is for sale.   My husband said he would  get it for me with cage and  everything,  but, I responded with ‘It might not get along with the cats and I don’t  have 1-3 hours a day  to spend with  it.  Of course, I am accused of being negative  when I am actually being realistic and practical.  Do I really want this Prairie  Dog.  Yes.  Could I spend 1-3 hours a day with it. Probably  BUT…We have five cats and a dog now.  What if one or two of the cats don’t  like  it.? Where will we put the cage so the cats  cannot get to it?  Is it fair to  put the Prairie  Dog in a room for most of the day?

So, I sit here and dream of the Prairie  Dog while knowing  its not the best time to start my zoo.

Any information or thoughts on this situation  is welcome: EXCEPT  saying  we have to many Animals  since  that is our decision.


*Note- One friends post already got deleted when she said I have to many animals.  I will stick with that.  I emailed her instead,

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