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Clean Thoughts

Growing up, my mother was a Clean Freak.  Everything was spotless including the window sills.  It was rather ridiculous.  She actually told me that when she was sexually frustrated, she would clean.  I think she cleaned when she was sad, mad or happy.  If you used put back,  if you made a mess, cleaned it up right away.

Now that I’m an adult. I am not that clean.  Nor is my sister.  I think we’ve had enough extreme cleanliness and like our places to be lived in.  The Living Room in the house growing up was used only when company came and on Christmas.  Plus, mom had two antique chairs that we were no allowed to sit on.  I always wondered why the Living Room was not allowed for ‘Living.”

It’s a bit hard right now to be married to someone like me.  I am not filthy, by any means but, sometimes I wonder where all these things came from.  There is stuff on the floor and piles of stuff on the, dishes in the sink and clothes to be finished and put away.  I don’t want to be likemy mother but, I wish I could just get caught up.

I had a friend who was a Hoarder before it was a term. Her house was so bad, I started bringing my own towel and washcloth when visiting.  I felt the most sorry for her 5 (four when I visited) children.  They climbed over piles to get in their rooms and would usually fall in or on the bed amidst whatever was on it with their normal clothes on.  When my mother helped me buy a condo near her, she made me promise not to becoecome like her.  She actually said if I did, she  would take my name off and make the condo her own.  I remember not understanding how people clould live that way.

While I am not nearly as bad, I stll annoy myself and my husband.  One thing though is. before he started working; he would help me with the house.  Now, he needs a lot of sleep and it seems as if I do most everything.

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