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Caffeine Addiction?

So, I am a Coffee Drinker or Coca-Cola if we have no coffee.  Needless to say, I need my Caffeine to wake up.  It’s my only ‘Addiction’, so to speak; but is it really?  I had a friend who gave me Decaf one morning, by accident.  I got a terrible Migraine within a few hours after drinking it and needed my injection.  I don’t need a lot of caffeine, but I definitely need some.

I was a regular Folgers’s Drinker until I discovered Hills Bro’s Vanilla Cappuccino.  Oh my gosh, it’s fantastic.  Its almost like having dessert to wake up in the morning.  I never thought I would lke Instant Coffee, until I tasted this.  As a matter of fact, I need to buy more.  I’ve been assured that it has the same amount of Caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.

Now onto another topic.  My husband leaves for work around 11 – 11:20 and starts work at midnight.  He wants me to wake him up at 10 every night so he can relax before going to work.  Here’s what I don’t get.  An hour to wake up?  I thought I was waking him up at 10 so he could get ready earlier and be out by 11:00.  It just blows my mind that someone could take so long to wake up.  I know the snooze button is for a reason, but really..

We haven’t been married long and are still getting used to each others quirks.

1 thought on “Caffeine Addiction?”

  1. I get up at 7 to be at work at 9, leave the house at 8:20, get to work about 8:50. If I have a tough night I will turn on the alarm for 7:30 (which I’ve done this last week). So getting up at 10 to be at work at 12 sounds normal for me. I have an alarm go off at 8 and this is when I get dressed, pack my lunch.


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