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Family Time?

I signed up for an Acting Class!  I am so excited!  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years and could not find in CA.  They had a few of them through the City Of Las Vegas.  I am starting with the first class and then continuing if I like it.  It is six weeks for $60.00.  I’ve been told that acting may improve my self-confidence or even my writing skills.  I know they go together in the art category.

Tonight, I am going to meet D’s Brother and Sis-In Law since they are in town.  I hope they like me.  I’ve heard a few things about them and it might be a tough visit.  They just lost their baby last month who was born with Hydroletheus Syndrome, the brain was outside  it’s body.  The baby lived 5 months, which is pretty incredible.  I’ve heard the Sis-In-Law does not get along with my Mother-In-Law very well, so this will be interesting.

The last two days I have spent with my Mother-In-Law have been awesome!  She spent the night on Sunday and we were up til 2:30 watching TV, talking, and laughing it up.  Then yesterday, she helped clean the house while I did a few things before I took her to lunch at a Vegetarian Restaurant.

I love my Mother-In-Law but, I have to look at her as a friend, verses an actual mother.  She is almost or probably the same age as my oldest sister.

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