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Life’s Downs and Ups

Okay,  So I wasn’t feeling well but, still went to my Acting Class on Wednesday.   The Instructor had us do these major stretches to our necks, plus, a lot of walking and characterization.   Wasn’t the best idea.  I was down all day yesterday with pain throughout my entire body.  Surprisingly,  I took care of myself the way I was suppose to  inadvertently.  My husband helped me tremendously.  He truly loves me for me.

In other news,  our Siamese Kitten (okay,  she is 1) is really becoming overbearing.   She is with me constantly especially when sick so when letting Firepie out of her room this morning, she attacked her when she came to see me. Not good behavior.

Finally,  my husband had his Artwork on display at The  World Market Center  where they showed all the new things for  next year.   While looking around,  I  fell in love with and purchased a Sheep. It is made with real sheep fur which is okay because Sheep are sheared and not killed to make it. The Sales girl said she sold a lot in New York.  It’s really fun


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