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Age Group Dilemma & Writers Questions

If you have been reading /following long enough;  you know I have a weak immune system.  You may also know I volunteer with the children at church.

Well,  I am now having a dilemma.

I love working with the two years olds and they need a Teacher, however,  I am wondering if they may be to young  since they constantly have hands and toys in mouth.   Plus,  a father brought his daughter in who didn’t feel good  and the other girl blew it off  saying,  he does that all the time.  There is also someone new in charge of Preschool or 2 and under.  I don’t know.  I have taught Preschool before and they also need teachers and can’t come in, sick. Praying on which age group God wants me with.

For something unrelated and any Writers out there, have you set yourself on a Writing Schedule or do you wing it.  Do you consider your Blog as warm-up or Practice?  What inspired you to be a Writer in the first place  and have you  had anything published?







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