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Decision Made, and Other Things

Yesterday was really cool. We worked on characterization at school and it is funny when your husband asks how school went and you say “Great!, I went to the park, and then to the bank, and then to a horrible dinner” and he believes you and gets all confused.

After this class I am definitely continuing with the next,I would love to be part of the local theater, if possible,  I still remember lines from Elementary and we are going to start lines next week.

As far as teaching is concerned, I will officially be the teacher for my two year olds at 2nd Sunday service,  I gave it to God and he assured me I can do this.  I have the lesson plan now.  If this is really something I should not do, he will shut it down. The girl I worked with before at church decided to take a break. She was telling me, a lesson plan was to much for her and she cannot handle change.
She apparently told the new girl in charge that she wanted a break.

Speaking of which, I am now able to attend church Wednesday nights. J. agreed that it is wrong to miss all services, and they get more children on Sundays . I’m not sure they even teach on Wednesdays; I think it is more like Childcare.

My sisters Birthday is on Saturday and I got her one of those necklaces which have half Sister, where she has one half and I have the other,. I hope she likes it. I think I will wear my half on Saturday to celebrate Birthday.

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