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Drama and Book Review

Ugh,  I have been sick for almost two weeks and my cough is getting worse. I finally called the doctor for them to put me on something.

I haven’t much felt like writing  lately.

I did finish reading a book titled: ‘Here’s The Story ‘ by Maureen  McCormick.   Yes, Maureen,  Marcia Brady.   I was a bit disappointed because there was very little about the show and it focused  mainly on her and her struggles. I think ‘ Here’s My Story : would have been a better title.

We are in the middle of Neighbor  Drama.  We have a Bird Feeder which hangs in the front so the cats can watch the birds.  It has been hanging there all year.  Well, the Neighbor wants us to take it down because birds carry germs and they are pooping on and around her house, plus she and her husband are trying to get pregnant,  etc.  This Bird Feeder has been here a year and I do not want to take it down,  for her! That is so stupid.  This is the same neighbors that refused/refuses to pick up her own dogs mess because it is her side of the property.

2 thoughts on “Drama and Book Review”

  1. don’t take the bird feeder down , her reasoning is faulty at best. Trust me people get pregnant with bird feeders around all the time. Although I might make a deal with her, she cleans up her dog poop and you might consider moving the bird feeder. Something tells me she won’t accept. You might also mention that dog poop is more germie than a bird feeder. I’m also rotten and would probably put up about 7 more bird feeders, but I did mention I am rotten and very passive aggressive at times. lol Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


    1. That was our first thought. Now, she bought some big sculpture thing that the birds won’t sit on because of the design of it. My husband wants to try to work with her and bought an Owl Statue because it will supposedly scare the birds.


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