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Who Doesn’t Love A Giveaway?

I wonder if by giving myself a goal, I could accomplish it.  There is a Writing Contest coming up and at first they wanted the theme: ‘ Why Do I Love Las Vegas’, however, since then, I believe it has changed to most anything you want.  I would like to write on the original theme because Las Vegas is my home and I do love it.  I fell in love with it, many years ago.  They want the writing to be least 5,000 words; which to me seems daunting.  I suppose I could do it though since I do like to write.

My husband suggested I write something every day to read to him when he gets home from work the next morning.  Not necessarily the story I was just talking about, but Anything basically.  I think he just wants me to get the practice in.  He is right in a way, I mean how can I say I am a Writer with only book written?  Speaking of that book I bought about 30 copies of them and I am going to see if Pastor will give me permission to give them out at church.  Maybe, I can read it to the children first and give it to anyone who wants it.

I will also give a copy to someone who answers a question here on this blog.


I will pick a name randomly (like from a hat) from the correct answers.  Just to let you know, the book I wrote is for children, age 2-5 and it is about a Fly and a Flea sharing their life stories and coming to a conclusion of who they want to be.

I will post the congrats to the Winner next Friday and contact you for mailing info.

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