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Bird Drama and Give Away

Today is Thursday, 2-18-16 and while I really wanted to announce the winner of the Give Away tomorrow; nobody has responded!  I got a lot of Likes, but no takers.  So, I’m going to make it easier for you:

In What Month of 2015 Did My Husband And I Get Married?

Seriously, just pick a month.  If you all get it wrong, I will choose the closest.

Does this mean that nobody wants to win my book?  I’m sure most of you have Nieces or Nephews, if you don’t have children of your own.  Or, maybe you know someone who has children they read to.

And, I wonder why I continue to write?  I know..I know.  I write for myself because I enjoy it.  Yes, but I also want to share it with others.  I, myself don’t usually turn down offers if they contain that one F word.

We are still dealing with the Bird Drama here.  My neighbor threatened to call the city and sue us because her dogs get sick by eating bird poop.  It’s all our fault that the Crows are out now and poop on top of her house just because of 1 bird feeder.  My husband has now added a Finch Feeder to our tree.  It is food for the small birds, Not the Crows.

This feud is totally ridiculous but my neighbor continues to carry on.  Needless to say, we are not adhering to her wishes.

The Bird  Drama will continue…I’m sure.  So, Stay Tuned!













3 thoughts on “Bird Drama and Give Away”

  1. Let her call the city, I’m pretty sure they don’t care. And I don’t think sueing will get very far either. If her dogs get sick eating bird poop then she shouldn’t let her dogs eat bird poop. I”m with you, and I like the addition of a fenich feeder. Well Played.


  2. June, cause it was earlier than you had planned. Because a church person was concerned about your soul and had to step in to “Save” you two.


    1. Sheesh Kitty, You didn’t have to share the gory details. I’m glad you won because you have Grandchildren. I’m sure I have your address so I will get it out to you soon. Thanks for guessing!


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