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Winner Announced, Birds and Bills

Good Morning Friends and Strangers,

I looked out the window this morning and noticed our Bird Bath is completely upside down.  While we did have a windy day not to long ago, the wind would have pushed it elsewhere, I believe.  Which means that was probably done by  human hands.   That’s fine though, because that just reminds us to fill it.  The Bird Bath is simply a bowl,  like an upside down light cover actually, which is sitting below our Bird Feeder  so the birds can bathe while having breakfast.  We bought a few suet feeders which we are also going to hang from our tree.  Haven’t heard from the city yet, and not overly worried about it.

Congrats to my friend Kitty, who actually responded to my Give Away and won; not sure if I should say, Won, when she is the only one that guessed for a copy of my  book.   She also has a new Grandchild! which I congratulate her  for that too.  I will get it signed and get it out to her soon.

If you ever pay a bill late, please try not to make it your Gas Bill.  The stupid company (okay, maybe not stupid) cut off my gas so my dryer and my stove don’t work.  After paying online, You still have to get  a hold of the company to get it turned back on.  And the company is closed on weekends.  They should make it easier, like an automatic turn-on, after your bill is paid.  With all the technology now, you would think that after making the payment, the system could automatically tell the company to turn the gas back on.

1 thought on “Winner Announced, Birds and Bills”

  1. No fun getting a shut off for something you have paid. I totally feel for you.

    Could you sign it to Kyrie for me? That is his name. You have my address but if you need it again let me know and I will send it to you. Other than being the only one, did I get it correct?

    Loves and kisses.


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