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Birds, Cat’s, Cars..Oh My

Well,  the neighbors called the city and we received a notice that our outside area for cats must come down because it attaches to the house.
The stupid Bitch was there when it was built and even considered using my guys to work on her house.
So, since there was no solution to the bird problem,  they got us on this.  D. Is going to try to make a cage out of wire that doesn’t attach so the cats will still have a play area.

In other news: we are now a 2 car family!  I got  a 96 Mazda Miata convertible.  This will really help most of our problems,  I think.

  Speaking of which,  we met with Pastor for counseling and it was a waste of time.  We are going to see how we do before going further with more counseling
However,  Pastor did suggest my meeting with one of the older women in our church and I will.  Maybe she can be my Mentor.

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