Marriage, Therapy, True Life, Volunteering

Life Update

It’s going on 3 am as I write this one.   I took a 5-6 hour nap today which threw me off.

I called my insurance company and they do not cover marriages/family therapy.  So, I found a place near here that is low cost with students or Interns.  One of my best therapists years ago was a Student or Intern so I don’t discount them.

In other news,  my Acting Class was canceled due to lack of enrollment.

Lastly, I think I am going to do the Adopt A resident in a nearby Care Center.   I do this for a while,  then they die, I get depressed and maybe a year or two later,  I do it again.  I get matched with someone who has no or few visitors and make them my focus: becoming their friend… reading,  writing,  whatever they need.

My new med is finally making me tired, so I am out.   Good Night and Good Morning.

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