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Finding a Counselor or Therapist

Since I live here at Animal Planet or Animal Place,  I just watched a snail lay eggs on the side of the tank
We had a pregnant Crab too; as well as,  pregnant Ghost Shrimp.

My husband does not want to see a Counselor or Therapist outside of our church so I am going to contact the Secretary and see if any of our Parishioners do that.  Perhaps,  it is mainly I that needs therapy since I am still having a hard time dealing with this whole 2nd marriage thing.  It would be different if my Ex had died,  as, I didn’t believe in Divorce and was pushed into it.
Then I was sort of pushed into getting married two months before our actual wedding date by the church.   Yes, I still harbor hurt and anger that things happened that way.

I love my husband and said my vows and meant every word.  But,  that doesn’t make the transition any easier.
D. Is so much different from Steve,  it is almost night and day.  He is having a tough time grasping the idea of needing to talk to someone semi – professional to get my feelings in check.

I have introduced the idea of moving closer to the church that we spend so much time in.  More people seem to live near there I can visit and spend time with,  plus he and I could find a place together and it would really be ‘Ours’,
I finally got him to agree to consider it, but, he thinks I should get myself together first,  if possible.

My car died today and we had to get a new battery and fuse for it. Sometimes,  I am thankful for credit cards.

Lastly,  my husband is going to test my writing skills by sending me a picture every day (except Sunday) and I will write a brief story about it.  I remember doing that in a Creative Writing class and I follow my own beat and logic, rarely agreeing with the majority of whatever they think the picture is.  I will schedule a half hour,or more, to write each day.  This will help lead me back to writing stories for children which is my real craft,  I think.

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