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A Few Questions

Can a Fiddler Crab have a heart attack?   That is the first question of the day.   I saw our crab standing up in the tank but,  his underside was white and when I got him with the net, he never moved.

Next question,  Do you eat the same breakfast every day and if so,  what?  Breakfast is definitely not my favorite meal but my mother  to eat something at the start of each day. .Any thing,  even a  piece of cake.   I have adhered to that rule even as an adult.  What I start with depends on my mood and what we have in the house. 



6 thoughts on “A Few Questions”

  1. Weekday=Toast, waffle, or instant oatmeal I cant take to the office. Weekend=big breakfast on Sat-the works-eggs, bacon, potatoes and Sunday cereal or something easy before church. Sometimes eggs and bacon in bed with my hubby while reading the paper-him and a book-me. I dont do it often though because I dont like going to church with my hair smelling like bacon!


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