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Relationships and Reading.

I contacted a Therapy place today that charges $25.00 per session.   They are going to try to match us to someone faith – based.   I called the church first but, only one Pastor and his wife do that.  We have seen him already and I  am still not happy.

In other news, an Ex Girlfriend of my husband,  sent me a horrible text, last night about him.  It was odd to receive that out of the blue and threw me off.  The girl must have extreme issues to resort to such childish behavior.

I just finished reading the book,  ‘Columbine’ which was extremely good.  I am now going to read a book written by the mother of one of the Shooter boys.  In that aspect,  I am thankful not to have children since you can hardly discipline them anymore.  However,  with the way my animals are treated,  I believe I would have made a good one.





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