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My Soap Opera Life T

I was going to write a post today because I was annoyed and writing is my outlet. But, as I considered other ways of calming down (like our Skiing machine) things changed a bit and my annoyance was remedied without having admitted it or making a scene.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. I am not much into pranks because the one time I did pull one on my Supervisor and friend; she took it completely wrong.   My husband posted a prank on Facebook which my friend took totally seriously. Unfortunately, it got serious enough that my husband had to delete the entire post and conversation. I love this person like a Sister, but, I married D. and stand behind him on this.

I saw a Therapist last week and will see him every other week. I think he hit the nail on the head with my issues and he will talk to my husband and I separately and together in order to work on things.

Lastly for this one, we are keeping the Miata as a project to fix up and I am going to purchase a used Smart Car in a few days. We still need two cars that run and I have wanted a Smart for a while: so D. can continue to drive the Scion. The convertible can be our ‘play car’ after it is fixed up.




1 thought on “My Soap Opera Life T”

  1. Good Im glad D deleted the post and everything. I dont blame you for standing with your husband in this choice. Its where youre supposed to be. I am team Bunny all the way and that will never ever change-heck I have a team shirt! I will always stand up for you and defend you when I think hes making a whacky decision thats going to hurt you-know this! My only thought is he should have been straight up and said hey its a april fools joke. He should not have continued to provoke anger. Thats wrong period. Well Im glad its all over thats for sure. GO TEAM BUNNY!!!!!


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