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Distant Friends

I have posted on this topic before but, it is on my mind again.

. Since moving to Vegas,  I have seen none of my friends from California.   Despite the fact that when I moved here; they would say “We will Vacation there and see you.” And, It’s not to far away. ”  One of my closest friends even said she would take a quick trip to help me get settled,  but, that didn’t happen.

Before I moved,  I had one girlfriend throw a major surprise that she had a boyfriend for a year,  but, hadn’t told me.

Well today that same friend got married to the same guy and never once mentioned being officially engaged.   I live in another state but, feel as if I live on another planet.  It isn’t fair to toss your friends to the side just because they move.

I am sending a gift because I do wish them happiness.  It just hurts when I care for others more then they care for me.




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