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A Post About Me

When I first mentioned going to therapy,  my husband was on board as, I need to express my feelings and learn to handle a 2nd marriage.  However,  he made a comment that I probably go to the Therapist to tell him how bad my husband is.  This is not true.   I am going to Therapy for myself to discuss my issues.  I am well aware that my issues are now intertwined with his.

My husband is a painter of Graffiti Art. One does not go to him (who does not paint) and say, “Hey, Let’s both come up with a painting.  I will think of ideas and you can incorporate them.”  Yet,  That is what he wants to do with me!  He is trying to encourage me to write more but,  it feels like he doesn’t value my craft.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned,  but, I have given him the Scion and I have a Smart Car.  It really makes no difference really since it is a 50/50 state,  should anything happen, God Forbid.   But, this way, he can speed and get tickets on his car if he wants.

Some of the things we disagree on is like a soundtrack in my head from being married before.   I am me and can’t apologize for all my shortcomings.

I missed a party for one of my friends from church who is moving away because the one that took care of invites never invited me.   I was really upset.  This happened the morning after my girlfriend in CA got married and didn’t tell me or invite me.  I wonder why I am so easy to be overlooked?

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