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Cleaning and Clearing

I am really looking forward to moving.  I am not looking forward to cleaning this house before we move.  Plus, we will probably have to have Private Showings with 5 cats and a dog.

I am starting to clear up paperwork since that is what the main issue is it seems and it completely overwhelms me.  I also just deleted all my emails except important ones and am starting over, there.

I believe we are in Spring Forward and I am ready to Spring.

I also need to start exercising and writing more. One can’t say there an Author and only write one book. Well, they can but, it’s not like I made any money on that one, really. As far as exercise, I’ve noticed how out of shape, I am. We went for a hike the other day by Lake Meade and I started getting tired like 1/4 ways up. At least I made it to the first Tunnel before wanting to go back.

We have a Skier and I have a weight, so I can work out here. I am hoping after we move, there will be a Fitness Club that is inexpensive nearby.

I saw the Headache Specialist yesterday, and had shots in my head. I really don’t think they are helping because all it does is numb the area for a few hours. I am going to try something else for my headaches (won’t post here) to see if I am able to get relief from my Migraines.

I don’t think my husband really wants to move, but he is willing; especially if it helps to save this marriage. I really do love him and he loves me, but, I am still lonely and don’t like driving to far away to see people.

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