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I Am Not My Mother

So, Tell me about your blog audience.  Do you blog to keep family and friends updated on your life? Are you like me wanting most family and friends not seeing your blog? or do you blog for yourself and not really care if people read it?  I am wondering because I told my husband he can read this if he wants to,and I have one girlfriend that I know of who is a regular reader and contributer.  I have asked anyone I know who starts to read this to make up a name so I don’t know it’s you.   Why? Because I don’t want to edit what I write and if I don’t know or remember who you are,  you can read my true,  raw feelings and I won’t start editing things in my mind.  I also ask that these people not bring up my blog or topics in it in real life, unless I have already brought them up. This is a Blog Diary of sorts and I like hearing input from strangers regarding my life situations.

I was home sick today.  It sucked because I miss my church children, but, I was coughing and my throat was burning up. I was getting a lot better from my infection so this could be a side effect of the Pneumonia vaccine I had a few days ago.

My Therapist appointment is tomorrow and I need to see him. I had a freak out not to long ago and was not sure about being married.  What is wrong with my mind?  I have a wonderful husband who loves me for me. He supports and encourages me in my endeavors.  Just because we may have a disagreement or he makes a comment that my Ex did; does not mean it will be the same.  I think some of this has to do with my mother because she was never happy, and with anyone I dated (including my Ex) she would say, “it will never last. ”  I believe she wanted her daughters to be miserable like her.  She got her wish with my eldest sister but not the
other one and me. I am fighting to be the opposite of her.

1 thought on “I Am Not My Mother”

  1. I still have my Live Journal, but rarely write anymore. I don’t have anyone I know in real life that reads it. I use it to rant now, when I need to get things out so I don’t explode. I basically write for myself.


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