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Moving On Over? Not Up.

Last night,  it got really cold and we had a freak rainstorm.  Today will be clear and cold. Such is life here in Vegas.

My husband talks a lot about doing things to the house,  while I talk a lot about moving.  My sister thinks it is sad to be moving since it was only 1 and a half years ago that I moved in.  But,  after moving in; I began to have regrets.  This probably would have happened whether I was married or not.  If we lived closer,  I would have enjoyed helping my friend clean her house and she could have stayed in ours for a few hours while her apartment complex sprayed.  

I do know my husband would be happier if we lived closer to the Arts District and moving that direction will be closer to his work.   We are going to talk to our Realtor\friend on Sunday , at church.

In other news, a friend at church is going to start feeding the homeless,  individually.   I applaud that,  however,  people are warning him if is against the law and he can get fined or thrown in jail.   This is why I give lunches and clothes from the car.

My husband and I are both registered voters now because it is No Vote,  No Bitch.   We both ordered t – shirts supporting our candidates.   We are definitely not voting the same,  a d I have to be careful what I put where, supporting my candidate due to popular reaction.

Hope you all have a great day,  today and if you like donuts,  Today is the Krispy Kreme,  ‘Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen Original FREE! ‘

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