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A Day In Your Life?

Today,  I went to an Indian restaurant and got myself some lunch.   I was originally going to eat there with a friend,  but I am still hoarse with a cough so not sure talking catch up is the best idea.

I started calling today about referrals for doctors appointments and realized one has already  been done.  So much has been on my mind lately;  I guess I forgot.

So, yesterday I tried to do the schedule thing and completed 3 loads of laundry,  dishes and writing,  to name a few.   Today,  I have not done as well,  but am still making an effort.  I admit a schedule does help me stay busy.

I asked a friend what she does with her day to keep busy and I will also ask you ;

If you don’t work and don’t have children,  how do you spend your day?
Maybe you can post a typical day in your life? Do you have a set schedule or simply do whatever as it comes along?

Would love to hear your responses as I work on my my life’s schedule and responsibilities.

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