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Marijuana For Migraines? and Questions

*For those that know me and read this.  Please remember this is posted here and not on Facebook.  You can comment here or private message or email only.

That being said,  here we go:

As most of you who follow are aware,  I suffer from debilitating Migraine Headaches.   The doctors have been unable to really help me.
My husband and I decided to get Medical Marijuana Cards and try that for my headaches and his back.

I tried it last night and it was a scary experience.  I had a third of a cookie and 2 puffs from his pipe.   I definitely should not have had both.   I may try a bit less,  today.  But,  I am not sure it will help.   Last night really scared me.
I was on a high for 3 hours or more giggling and talking.  I remember I couldn’t work the phone.   When the high ended,  I slammed hard!  I was vomiting and hot and cold.  Plus,  my head was worse than when I started.  I felt worse than the flu.

To make things worse,  my husband smoked his and was zoned out.  He did help as best he could but, I had to wake him up for my headache shot.

Today,  I am out of it.  Still have a bad headache and will take another shot. I am afraid to try Marijuana again.
My husband,  on the other hand,  is already smoking way more than I am comfortable with and I have begged him to cut down and not smoke before he drives.

  I seriously pray this doesn’t hurt our relationship.  I love him and am afraid he might have an addictive personality.

If anyone else has experienced trying Marijuana,  please share your stories. Was my reaction normal?  Have you heard of using it for Migraines?  Should I worry about us?

3 thoughts on “Marijuana For Migraines? and Questions”

  1. I’ve been trying various types, the high CBD is better for pain issues. THC is what messes you up or at least it did me. I got a vape pen the other day, high cbd oil and it doesn’t have an odor, but the tasted is still there, not as bad as smoking it. I don’t like the whole smoking thing and coughing up a lung, I also don’t like the taste. It is legal here in Washington and there is stores you can go buy it. Basically I go to the counter and ask, have learned it is the CBD that I need if I don’t want the high side. I don’t want to be high, or smoke it or taste it. Last week got dark chocolate square (10 mg) liked them, only tasted the chocolate. Not really happy with the vape pen, because I can still taste it, but will try some flavors next time.

    My pushing 90 yr old father smokes, it is so surreal when he talks to me about it. But it helps him with his chronic pain, longer and better than all the pain pills he has taken over the last 40 plus years. He says 2 puffs and he is okay and not in pain, 3 puffs and he is high but no pain. He winters in California and summers here in Washington. Washington its legal to buy, I guess he had to get a medical card to buy it in California.

    More and more states are coming on line. Stuff is consistant and label really good. Still difficult to get my head around that I can just walk into a retail store and buy it like I was buying beer. lol

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  2. I’ve been researching this and it seems like CBD oil is recommended (the THC in medical Marijuana has caused issues for others as well). I have not tried it yet, but it just became legal in my state so I may try soon.


  3. I think there’s a difference between the effect from edibles and smoking bud. I’ve tried lots of edibles, but have yet to feel much of an effect. But for those who do get an effect, it tends to last longer than smoking or vaping, and may cause nausea.

    I took pills for 10 years and there’s a huge difference between swallowing a pill and finding the cannabis that will work for you. Try products with a lower THC percentage, like around 10% in smokeable bud. Also, your reaction is not unusual for a first-timer, so cut yourself some slack. I’ve had worse reactions from prescription medications.

    If this is one of your last options for pain management, maybe you should give it some more time. But don’t think that just because it works for a lot of people that it will work for you, too. Everybody’s different.


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