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My Hell Week

Ugh, Welcome to my week of Hell! 

My husband and I used Marijuana. I,  for the first time.  I  wanted to try it for my Migraines.  I tried 3 different ways and nothing worked, so I am done.
My husband,  on the other hand,  used it for back pain.  He had told me he had used drugs before;  but not that he was an Addict.  Needless to say,  he would come in and smoke,  smoke after he slept,  smoked in the bedroom,  etc. You get the idea.
I finally laid down an ultimatum. Either get rid of the drug or get out!  I really don’t want to separate,  however,  I am not staying with a User.  He stayed clean yesterday,  but Thursday will be the test,  when he goes back to work.

On another note,  I need to know how to delete a Follower of this blog.   This blog is supposed to be written for strangers eyes;  not close friends.  If anyone has any advice on how to do this, please post a comment.

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