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A Few Updates and Questions

I am following a blog that won’t let me post comments.  Will someone explain why people do that?   Especially if you are going to ask questions at the end?  I mean,  it’s a good blog but,  I want to be an active participant.

The money finally came in for the car and I hope D. finds one today. I am hoping when we get the rental returned;  I might get some money refunded since I have been paying out of pocket for over a week.
First,  a paint stain has to be removed from the back seat and trunk caused accidentally by my Artist Husband.

Here is  a situation to ponder:
I found out the family of one of my favorite shows lives close to me and I want to drive by and see where.  Once.  I have seen the house on television,  but that’s it.  I don’t want to peer in the windows or invade their privacy. Just drive by, if possible.   D. says it’s  ‘stalking’ and refuses to go with me. He even tried to Forbid It.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Is one time driving by to look at a house ‘stalking’?  Obviously,  if they have a gate,  I wouldn’t be able to see anything, anyway.

2 thoughts on “A Few Updates and Questions”

  1. My question is how important this is to you? Is it worth the tension caused between the two of you? In my opinion this isn’t about him forbidding it or calling it stalking. It is do you respect him enough to listen to his opinion and not do it. If you were single you would be free to do anything you wanted. But now you are married and now there is another person you have said has a say in your life. Now mind you this is my opinion and I am single with many a fail relationship in my belt. I by experience do NOT know how to have a healthy relationship. I do know its little things like this adding up over time, that causes a crack in the foundation and allows for a weed to get in and over time it breaks the foundation down.


    1. I don’t think he was serious at the term “Forbid”. You are correct in saying it is little things like this that add up to cause problems. However, this is not a make or break or trust matter. If I were the type that always did what I wanted and never listened or he, for that matter; it would be a whole different story. I do appreciate your opinion. Thanks


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