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My Husband’s Car & Dog Return

Yesterday was an interesting day.  My husband and I had an argument over money but he had a point.  The car that was totaled that we received payment for was His car.   I had had it transferred to his name just prior to the accident. He wanted to use the whole payout on a car while I wanted to use some for bills,  etc.   My car only cost half the amount of the one he bought yesterday.   He got the car he wanted,  but,  I feel as if I gave in again.   Even though it was technically His car that got paid off, it would not have been His in the first place, had I not signed it over.  
I really have done a lot for him and sometimes I don’t think he realizes it.
If it weren’t for using my car from the beginning,  he would not have been able to accomplish so much with his Art Gigs, if I hadn’t made him get a drivers license,  he would have had to take a bus everywhere and he can’t carry his painting supplies and paint on the bus,  if I hadn’t insisted he get a job, he wouldn’t make extra at all, if I hadn’t gotten him off Marijuana after the horrible experience, we may have lost this relationship and I do love him,  plus,  we are good for each other.   My Therapist is recommending a Marriage/Family Therapist (while continuing to see me) to help us work on some issues and maybe help put some of my feelings in perspective.   We will be married one year very soon.

After the car purchase,  I returned home wanting to rest my foot. (that’s another story) however,  I saw a dog running in the street.  I got the dog to come to me and went door to door looking for its owner.   Thankfully after 3 or 4 houses I found her owner who did not realize she was gone and only had her for 2 days so far.

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