Divorce, Marriage, True Life

On My Own, Again.

It’s been a while with so much happening. I hardly remember where I left off.  I have filed for Divorce.   This,  from a girl who thought divorce was a cop – out and to easy.  Before my first marriage,  I did not believe in it, at all. 

My husband is a very handsome man.  However,  he put to many things above our marriage.   His job, his Art and even his Fish.   I feel as if I have been alone most of this marriage.   The clincher was the drugs.   There is to much of his past he never told me.   Then the other day when he came to get some stuff,  the love was gone.  I could see it in his eyes.

  I don’t hate the man.  I actually still care for and have some love for him, but,  I have decided to break free.  I really don’t know where I will land, but as soon as the legal aspect is over,  I will leave Vegas and start anew,  again.

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