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Preparations to Move On

Somehow,  we have accumulated more than what I had in my 12 year marriage.   I doubt I will get married again since I am tired of packing/moving other people’s shit.

I am trying to move into the community my sister lives in,  in Arizona.   The mobile home prices are very reasonable and it is a resort community that has everything.
I would have to get a 1 bed/ 1 bath though which means my little family will be torn apart.   My beautiful,  Firepie,  is going back with her dad.  She would not be happy and as it is, I have to always separate her.  At least he loves her and she will be the only cat,  again.

Still working on Divorce paperwork since they added stupid sentences with no explanation.

I know I made the right decision this time,  because when I move anything of his,  I get a sense of relief.

3 thoughts on “Preparations to Move On”

  1. I’m on the middle of my 6th move in 4 years due to divorce. He upgraded and went to a $625,000 bigger house. Me? I keep downsizing and having to find a cheaper place. So I will be in a small duplex wondering how I will pay by bills. Good luck


      1. Don’t be sorry. God had given me many opportunities to leave and my pride kept me there. Having him out of my life has been the best thing to happen to me in years. He is nothing but an empty shell with no soul. I feel nothing but pity for him. He has nothing I want.


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