Divorce, Drugs, Family, Husband, Marriage, True Life

Staying In Vegas

There are things I want to say but,  I am not sure if he reads this. 

I have decided to stay in Vegas verses Arizona.   My Sister and Bro- are planning on moving and retiring in Washington in a few months and I do not want to completely start over.   I can’t afford California and I really do love it here.  My husband is not scary or threatening so there is no reason to run to far.  It is sad that it came to this but fun does not make a marriage.   It was as if we were both single but with the same last name.

I am very tired of hearing how Marijuana is a nothing drug.   Maybe,  for most people,  it is.  But,  when someone has been addicted to harder drugs previously then starts up with Marijuana;  it’s amazing how quickly they can become addicted again.   The hardest thing is that he denied my help..and with everything else we were working on…
Anyway,  I have a plan and am at peace now.  

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