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Marriage Ending Saga

Oh my gosh, Have you ever written an entire post and have it delete? It sucks.

So, I am very comfortable in my decision. D. needs to take responsibility for himself before we ever consider getting back together. Plus, he has chosen his drug over our marriage. I met a man who was clean and a devout Christian not a Druggie. He has changed into someone I don’t know, and wants me to compromise. I refuse to compromise on this issue.
He will hopefully have some money in 2 weeks and I pray he finds a place and picks up his stuff.

I am giving him an awful lot in packing. I ordered new dishes so he can have the old ones. Everything that came from his friends for our wedding goes to him, plus, I am trying to sort most everything evenly.

He is getting advice on Facebook now, but, does not tell them the main issue. Their advice might be way different, if they knew.

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