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One Type of Love

My husband is a Graffiti Artist ; yet he views Love in black and white.   Either I don’t or do love him.  I tried to explain that I will always have some love for him, but not as a relationship.   I don’t understand what is so confusing.

Feeling blah today with a sore throat and cough so,  may just lay around and rest.

3 thoughts on “One Type of Love”

  1. I’ve seen numerous psychiatric patients going through divorces. I always tell them divorce is its own landscape. There’s no way for anyone to understand it unless they’ve experienced it. The norm is for it to be excruciatingly painful. My advice – make him pack his own expletive stuff. My second piece of advice, indulge in as many small creature comforts as you can afford – anything that will help you get through the day. I’m sending you warm wishes.


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