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Hose Mistake and Thoughts

I haven’t lived here in Las Vegas two years yet and I have a gardener so I didn’t know about hot water coming from the hose.  My husband had told me to add water to the little pool for our desert Tortoise to rest and drink (see where this is going? ) I took his suggestions and little T.T. immediately tried to get out.   It wasn’t until I put my hand in that I realized how hot it was.  I believe that’s what killed my poor Tortoise and I feel bad.

I n other news;  I miss the man I married who would hold me in his arms and cuddle.   I don’t like the man he has become at all. There is no going back in this separation especially when he is someone I don’t care to get close to.

I don’t believe that stuff but, I wonder if two of the same sign should be together.

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