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Situation Update

I believe I have been getting an awful lot of sleep,  which is both good and bad.

I believe a lot of it has to do with depression from the situation.   It’s hard to tell my husband I don’t love him,  when I do, and when I tried to explain that I will always have some love for him, he took it wrong.   I believe he was served last Saturday,  but,  I could be wrong.   I really do want him to get his stuff out soon,  so I can sell this house and move.   Plus,  I am tired of feeding his fish especially the Catfish who eat other live fish.   They should all very Vegetarian,  like me. 

Since Firepie is gone, it’s been quite peaceful among the remaining cats.  Was that one or two weeks ago she went away?   I do miss her but, my Ex sends pictures and tells me she is happy watching the golfers and squirrels from the window.   She went to a condo of her own where she gets all the attention. 

In other news,  I took the car in but, am taking it back tomorrow to hopefully get the air fixed.   It hasn’t really worked since I got it and blows hot verses cold air which is useless especially in weather over 100.

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