Beliefs, Changes, Feelings, True Life


My car went in the shop to fix the air- conditioning and after getting it back;  the whole electrical system crashed so they towed it back to the shop,  yesterday.

My 4th of July was spent with a massive headache that lasted all day.

D. came over yesterday and he took me to Walmart to get a few things.   He said he is looking to rent a room for a while.   Apparently,  he asked a friend who suggested a different person who is female.   That scares me a bit with the future so uncertain.

Please remember this blog is my opinions and thougts.  I don’t want to hear ridicule for stating any.

Anyway,  I looked up my Therapist on Facebook  (which I should not have done) and discovered a trait about him,  I did not agree with.   I am not trying to judge people but I believe what the Bible says.  Needless to say,  I decided to stop seeing him due to his sexual choices  I wrote him a letter explaining my feelings and sent it

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