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Sorry If You Were Offended & Update

Regretfully,  I wound up offending a friend with yesterday’s post. I did warn you all from the beginning that was possible.   It was not deliberate.  I was only sharing my views on the subject.

I only slept 3 hours last night.  You see D. has been coming over to  clean fish tanks and he has also taken me shopping plus fixed the TV, and yesterday we went for a drive and saw apartments and mobile home parks.

Anyway I started thinking about getting legally separated instead of the annulment. But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do; so I called my sister, actually I sent her a text to ask her her opinion and she helped me see it clearly after I spoke with her. 

He is still using drugs and is not going to quit. He has had a lot of time to make that decision. He has not shown me anything. I feel, with this annulment he will have time to grow up and decide what he really wants. I am being open-minded to the possibility that he will change and we can start again however, he told me yesterday that if I go through with this he probably won’t come back. That makes it really really hard to know the man I love may be gone forever.

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