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Good and Bad Excitement

D. found and turned in the application for an apartment.  I really hope and pray he gets it because Monday is the first and I need to get my stuff packed and this house ready to sell.

D. Is staying here for a bit while my car is in the shop.  It started smoking and a liquid was pouring from underneath
I took it and had it looked at and the mechanic dais whoever changed the oil and worked on the air conditioner crossed some wires.   So, I went back to Royalty Auto Complete and they better fix it right,  this time and Free! I am considering filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I have really missed my dog Petey.  The cats are great but they sleep a lot; so I adopted a puppy from Petsmart. They said he was a Dauschund Mix but I am doubting the mix part. He is really smart and is 6 months old.

When I figure out how to add pictures,  I will post one for you to see of him.

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