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Paying It Forward Anonymously

D. found an apartment and its a sure thing!   His friend is moving to a house next door to the apartments and will rent him his,  since he is the owner. It is exactly where he wants to be; in the Arts District so he can work on his art, whenever.   The only problem is that he can’t move in until September 1st.   I have agreed since he said he can move some stuff early plus he has agreed to help get the house ready to sell
But,  I am going to write up a contract so this is the last change.

While gambling at Fiesta yesterday,  a man walked by and added $5.00 to my machine and wished me luck.   So while at Dennys,  I gave the Server $10,00 to pay for a single woman’s meal.  I feel even better that she never saw me.

I love helping others,  especially anonymously.

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